Natural Language Processing

Analyse Human Language as It Is

Natural Language Processing (NPL) is the ability of a computer program to detect and recognize human language as it is. This type of processing is an essential component of artificial intelligence and data science.

Dynamische Kundensegmentierung mit Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Data Mining and Machine Learning - Jaywalker Digital

This type of application making is extremely challenging since traditionally, a computer program demands a human being to ‘speak’ in a special programming language that is not only clear, unambiguous, accurate and highly structured and has a typically small number of voice commands in it. Human speech, on the other hand can never be precise, accurate, clearly put and unambiguous. Moreover, its linguistic structure can also be dependent on a number of complicated variables which can include local dialects, different accents, social contexts and highly complicated slang terms or jargons.

The recent approaches for such type of processing involve machine learning which is a branch of artificial intelligence. This involves pattern reading and analysis in the data for improving the comprehension of a certain computer program.

NPL is a great help for businesses due to it offers real time analysis; its faster return on value, ability to handle any type of information effectively; and accessing to data is democratized with it.

Jaywalker Digital is proud to help companies, businesses and organizations in this regards. The team ensures best results using this program. The commonest tasks that their program performs for the clients include: parsing, sentence segmentation and parts of speech tagging; named entity extraction; deep analysis and co reference resolution.

Jaywalker Digital has also gained some serious scientific reputation in regard of the unsupervised Natural Language Processing used for better targeting in marketing. The algorithm has helped many companies to get a better understanding of their clients.

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