Machine Learning

Automate and Simplify Repeating Work Tasks

At Jaywalker Digital, another feather in our cap is the machine learning service. It is basically a computer program that enables software carry out a task with minimal principles or programming. It is traditionally thought to be a branch of artificial intelligence. The process uses statistical techniques and processes such as natural language processing (NLP), neutral network or deep learning. The techniques are basically inspired by the processing of a human brain.

Dynamische Kundensegmentierung mit Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Data Mining and Machine Learning - Jaywalker Digital

There are many instances in which machine learning is used to help facilitate a company or organization. It includes services like keyword searching in massive data such as email, documents and texts; red flag the fraudulent e-activities such as bank transactions; product recommendations taken from customer behaviors, vice commands, weather prediction, offer translations and many more. In short, machine learning is utilized to simplify and automate repeating work tasks.

Our seasoned team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of handling and maintaining such data by applying machine learning procedures accurately and safely. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality service for all our clients, national or international for the growth and development of your business.

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