Data Visualization

Telling the Story Behind Data

Data visualization means transforming simple, raw data into an engaging and understandable storytelling to captivate your audience. Trends, correlations and patterns that can go unnoticed or undetected in the text-oriented data can simply be exposed, detected and recognized applying the data visualization and story telling principles.

We offer the most modern and state-of-the-art visualization applying best tools and techniques like D3.js, Chart.js, Plotly or Tableau. There are more refined and sophisticated techniques for it today. For instance, dials, infographics, gauges, spark lines, geographic maps, heat and fever maps and many more.

At Jaywalker Digital, we offer data visualization services that will be done by our professional team members who are talented in telling stories with data to captivate your audience.

Jaywalker Digital experts give five of the best factors to outstanding visualizations:

  1. Who are you creating the visualization for?
  2. Focus on the story you want to tell
  3. Choose the correct chart type
  4. Use simple, clean text and colours. Very often, less is more
  5. Make it fun and interactive

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