You are the primary driver for your personal growth

Senior Backend PHP Developer

Our team is looking for a
Coding Ninja.

Full Stack Developer

Our frontend and backend team is looking for a new team member.

Scrum Master & Software Tester

Our team is looking for Sherlock Holmes.

Open Role

Do you have any other talent and think we need you? Apply anyway!

Our Culture

  • You are the primary driver for your personal growth
  • We follow top-notch approaches in data analysis and engineering
  • We grow with every line of code we write, every bug we fix, and every single application we deploy
  • We have the highest software quality standards
  • We have the best clients with the most exciting projects
  • We have only world-class engineers in our team
  • We are strongly connected to universities and research institutions
  • We belive the best argument should win. This means minimum of bureaucracy and fast decision making

Work locally or remotely

Jaywalker Digital is organized with almost no hierarchy. Teams will be formed based on projects and are themselves responsible for the success of a project. We provide everyone with a modern infrastructure with the best hardware and software for Mac, Windows and Linux. A comfortable and modern office in the center of Pristina, Kosovo and Lucerne, Switzerland with ergonomic chairs, big desks and geek stuff all around.

Depending on your job, you work in the office or part-time remotely. We offer flexible schedules if you are in education or based in a family situation. 20 days of holiday per year are free for your disposal.

Great compensation benefits

We offer great compensation benefits like free technical training and other educational programs to learn languages and advanced programming skills. We have competitive salaries, based on a transparent scale and bonuses based on the company’s success. We also offer additional financial services (payment of advanced training, savings account, etc.) and flexible schedules for part time students or long distance travelers.

What your future team mate Granit says

«I really enjoy is that everyone gives you support in a way that really makes a difference. At our company, the phrase "One for all and all for everyone" is a part of our daily work. I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy the responsibility, and I enjoy the methodical and precise approach. This allows me to deliver my best at work and in my personal life.»

Granit Hoda – Senior Software Engineer at Jaywalker Digital

Granit Hoda


We want everybody to be healthy and happy. This is why you have access to free drinks and fruits at the office. To motivate ourselves and to keep us in a good sports shape, we encourage and support sports activities. And if something is not ok, everyone is covered by medical insurance.