Change your Analytics Software NOW

The year 2017 will be all about the spirit of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms. Optimizing AI and business processes or using Slack will be as natural as sending emails in a few years. The data about their customers and their behaviour is the basis that enables companies to move in this direction. Data from internal applications such as CRM and ERP systems are then enriched with other sources such as visitor data on Internet page or app. But there’s the rub. The sobering message is, that the visitor data, that’s collected with mostly free and externally run analytics providers such as Google Analytics, cannot be accessed free of charge. A direct interface to that valuable and over the years collected visitor data costs up to several thousand dollars per month (!).

This is why we want you to change your analytics software NOW!

For small and medium-sized companies, such license fees are usually not movable, which in turn means that no way leads to own data. For most companies, this means that you have to start from zero with the data collection.

Having control over your own data requires that you use software that stores the data in a place from which you can access directly at any time. It should not be the aim of replacing external systems such as Google Analytics. These tools can be used in addition to providing additional, valuable insights about user behaviour in combination with other products such as Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools. We recommend our customers to actively deal with the data collection, to critically reflect the analytics provider and create a data model. The data model shows the location of collected and stored data.

We recommend using, open source analytics software, which is simple to set up and stores the data locally on your own server in a MySQL database. Once the data is stored on the server’s own server, these interfaces can be effortlessly enriched with your other data and used for data analysis. The use of the tracking data from the App and website for machine learning and artificial intelligence is no longer in the way. Go and change your analytics software NOW!


Kevin Kuhn

Smoothie addicted digital enthusiast with a flair for Algorithms and Digital Business. Managing Partner at Jaywalker Digital