5 Key Messages for Data Tracking

#1 Wrong Partner

With the wrong partner data tracking can become very expensive.Collecting the wrong data can cause you to start at zero again.

 #2 Non-anonymized Data

Whenever you collect data, aim to know who created these data and to whom it can be assigned. Only non-anonymize data is truly valuable.

 #3 Matter for the boss

Declare the data model as matter for the boss. It needs to become as important as the companies balance sheet. Read more in detail in “That’s matter for the bosses“.

#4 Explicit Data

Explicit data is only hard to get and can be manipulated by the people you receive it from. Implicit data is much more valuable and should play a much higher role in your data tracking.

#5 Data hold Secrets

With the right tool, analysis a bit of creativity it is possible to elicit secrets from data. These secrets often present surprising facts you would not have gotten without data tracking and analysis.

Kevin Kuhn

Smoothie addicted digital enthusiast with a flair for Algorithms and Digital Business. Managing Partner at Jaywalker Digital